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Change Support

This allows the holder of a digital ticket to transfer this to another user, holding a similar digital support (Fan Card). To make the change, you need to insert the codes (identification and security) of the original Fan Card and the destination Card. The new user will be enabled from that time to enter the turnstiles and access the event, using only his/her own Fan Card. It is worth remembering that the transfer is purely virtual, in the sense that each of the two individuals retains possession of their respective Fan Card. The new user may not perform the change of support: where he decides not to use the digital ticket, he will only have the opportunity of returning this to the original holder. In order to check the change has been made, it is advisable always to perform the print seat card (see specific function). The function may be prevented as a result of public order limitations.

Identify the "Card Number" and the "Secure Code"

Learn all about the management of paper tickets, digital, on the card's fan and events with limited audiences.

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